Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz

Here's a list of my published articles and short stories.  Those that are still available are linked to publication sites.

Reading for Cash - Funds for Writers
Be Adaptable - Vision
Crafting a Picture Book - Writer2Writer
Review Book Marketing in the Digital Age - Vision
Twelve Steps to a Better Virtual Book Tour - Vision
Writing Budget - Funds for Writers
Organizing Your Writing Time - Writing World
Creative Calisthenics Review - Vision
Yoga for Writers - Writing World
Make Procrastination Work for You -Vision
Writing Across Genres - Writing World
Make Procrastination Work for You - Absolute Write
Online Writers Conference - Funds for Writers
Smorgasbord of Markets - Writing World
Muse Online Conference - Apollo's Lyre
Yoga Stretches for Writers - Byline
Kathy Lynn Emerson Interview - Writing for Dollars
Smorgasbord of Markets - Byline
Carolyn Howard Johnson Interview - Writing for Dollars
Creating a Fantasy World - Writing Room
St. Helens Book Shop - Byline
Finding Ideas - Aspire to Write
Creating a Fantasy World - Science Fiction Editor
Review Kathy Lynn Emerson - The Black Lily
The Art of Grant Writing - Louisiana USC
Trimming the Fat - Inscriptions
Writing Soft Science Fiction - Writing World
The Art of Grant Writing - Writing World
Creating a Fantasy World - Writing World
Ebook Publishing - Inscriptions
Creating a Fantasy World - Inkwell Writers
Finding Idea - Papyrus
More On Line Magazines  - Writers Network
Writing Soft Science Fiction - Verses
The Art of Grantwriting - The Writers Net
Tracking Manuscripts - Verses
Newsletters on Line - The Writers Net
Novices on the Net - Writers Gazette
Overcoming Writer's Block - Speculations
Wedded to Your Words - Verses
Creating a Fantasy World - Byline
Minding Your Ps and Qs, Byline
Working with the Small Press - Byline
Four P's of Writing - Verses
Writing for a Living - Housewife Writers Forum
The Art of Grant Writing, Byline
Louisiana USC
Trimming the Fat - Inscriptions

Babshi's Christmas Cookies- Robin Falls Magazine
Baby Animals Puzzle - Stories for Children Magazine
Animal Groups Puzzle - Stories for Children Magazine
Bug Zapper - Stories for Children Magazine
Make Your Own Bat House - Stories for Children Magazine
Frosty Man - Spaceports and Spidersilk
World Environment Day - Stories for Children Magazine
My Mother Has Gills - Beyond Centauri
Surviving College - Listen
10 Tips for Trouble Free Travel - Your Child
Survivors - Home and Health
To Snitch or Not to Snitch - Listen
Dating Violence - Listen
Tippling Teens - Listen
Metamorphosis - Writing Online
Surviving Domestic Violence - Listen
Are You a Victim of Dating Violence - Listen
How to Listen - Teenwire
To Cheat or Not to Cheat - Listen
A Cry for Help - Listen
To Cheat or Not to Cheat -SIRS Mandarin
So You Want to Parent Another Teenager - Low Country
Cheating - It doesn't Pay - Teenwire
Award Winning Volunteer - Teenwire
EBook Publishing - Inscriptions
Rat Brains - Teenwire
What If Johnny Jumped off a Cliff - Listen
Guide Dogs - Teenwrie
So You Want to Parent another Teenager? - Parenting Teens
I Will Pledge - Listen
Mia Monarco - Teenwire
STARS - Teenwire
Date Rape - Teenwire
Respect the Lady - Teenwire
Hannukah Wall Hanging - Shofar
Finding Money for College - Listen
Learning Tolerance - Listen
If You're Using, You're Abusing -Listen
Looking for the Right College - Listen
Alateen - Listen
Do You Know What No Means? - Listen
Date Rape Quiz - Listen
Creepy Crawlies - Portland Family Calendar
Lacy Frames - Child Life
Are You a Good Listener - Listen
No Cost Tag Program - Different Drummer
Listening to Your Children - Family Digest
Cry Uncle - Legions of Light
Under Cover of Darkness - Legions of Light
No Cost Tag Program, Challenge

Old Magic - Shelter of Daylight
Recovery - Quill Pen
Dragon Sight - Aoife's Kiss
Metamorphosis - Quill Pen
Love in a Different Hue - The Fifth Di
Mirror, Mirror - Aoife's Kiss
Down So Low the Ground Looks like UP- The Fifth Di
The Storyteller - e genre
Baby Makers - Martian Wave Doc and Kate - Romancing the Skyze Midsummer Knight - Romancing the Skyze
HeShe - Alternate Realities
Who Will Heal the Healer - Fantasy, Folklore  and Fairytales
Recovery - GenrEzone
Flight of the Roc - Martian Wave
Metamorphosis - Alternate Realities
Deja Vu -Brigits Temple
Ashley of Ashland - Once Upon a World
Raven - Alternate Realities
Baby Maker - FAYRDAW Screen Saver - The Fifth Di
Drakoni - Romance and Beyond
3-D Pictures - Goddess of the Bay
Dream Catcher - Martian Wave
In Search of the Truth - Dragon Soup
Flea Bitten - Goddess of the Bay
Chapel of Sin-FAYRDAW
2024 - FARYDAW
Enchantress - The Black Lily
Clockworks - The Fifth Di
The Last Story - The Fifth Di
The Storyteller - Star*Flight
Weaving of Magic - Sorcerous Magazine
Ashley of Ashland - The Sixth Sense
Rebels Without a Cause - Star*Flight
The Camp - Pursuit
The Office - What's Love
Blackout - The Sixth Sense
Deja Vu - The Sixth Sense
Iceman - The Tale Spinner
Crash Landing - What's Love
Crazy In Love - What's Love


Water Aerobics - Today's Senior
Houseboat Gardening - Houseboat
14 Days to Treat Your Lover- Woman's Own

Nurse - The Breastfeeding Diaries
Isolation - Year 1: A Time of Change 

One Hundred and Going Strong -  In Celebration of Mothers

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