Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz

Previously I worked as an editor for two exciting small presses which recently combined their talents.  I wish I had time to still work with them as they are wonderful publishers.  Unfortunately, my time constraints caused me to cut back my work load and this is one position I cut.  I still strongly urge you if you write the type of material Damnation or Eternal Press seeks, send them your best.

Damnation Books is geared toward dark, edgy fiction and can be found at  
They specialize in dark writing: horror, dark fantasy, thrillers, science fiction and erotica (in dark settings).

Word lengths:

  • Short stories  5,000 to 10,000 words
  • Novellas  10,001 to 60,000
  • Novels  60,001 to 120,000
The pay rate for short stories is three cents per word with a max length of 10,000 words. Novellas and novel length works are royalty based at 40% net. We are unable to pay advances at this time.  They ask for worldwide electronic, worldwide digital and North American print rights for a five year period from the date of release. There will NEVER be any fees charged to authors for being published by them. Reprints are fine so long as the work is out of print in any format anywhere and you have full rights returned to you.

You can check out the full submission guidelines at

Eternal Press is geared toward Romance, Erotica, GBLT and BDSM, Paranormal, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Thriller, Historical, Young Adult.  They are currently seeking Novellas, and full-length manuscripts from 20,000-140,000 words. They are particularly interested in:
  • Erotica
  • Paranormal (vampire/shapeshifter/witch)
  • GBLT
  • Romance
  • BDSM
  • Young Adult
  • Longer length novellas and novels
Eternal Press pays 40% royalties on net revenue to the Author for eBooks and 25% net on revenue for print. We hold all rights for five (5) years from date of publication.

Heat levels...

  • Sweet -1 flame (anything from no romance to sex behind closed doors)
  • Mild -2 flames (can contain several lovemaking scenes, but without graphic language)
  • Highly Sensual - 3 flames (can include hot, frequent love scenes, standard for mainstream romance)
  • Erotic Romance - 4 flames (includes clinical/graphic terms for body parts and intercourse. Must contain a romantic theme. It may include light BDSM, GBLT, ménage and anal sex as long as its frequency does not outweigh vanilla sex.)
  • Erotica-5 flames (highly explicit/graphic/frequent may include heavier use of BDSM, ménage and anal. Not entirely dependent on romance.)
Check out the full submission guidelines at

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